No Words of My Own

My second friend in two years just lost a twenty-something son to an overdose. The young man in question was absolutely a delight, a big teddy bear of a guy that I had known since he was a tiny baby. He fought bravely for a long time with lots of support from his family, including his mother, a woman of no small heart.

In honor of that young man, I’m reposting a blog entry from another mother, Terri Lynne Defino–she lost her son Chris to an overdose in 2015. He, too, was an amazing young man, one that I never had the good fortune to meet. His mother, who happens to be a writer, is also a woman of no small heart, and this post was her “battle cry” after she lost Chris.

All of us need to work harder against the myths that she writes about.

4 thoughts on “No Words of My Own

  1. I’m honored. My heart goes out to your friend. She’s at the end of one long road, and at the beginning of a longer one. Only two years and some on this road and it’s still so hard and heartbreaking, but not without its light. And still these people die, and still the stigma holds, and still we are no nearer the realities of the something other addiction is really about. Love you.

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  2. Hey Brenda, The drug problem is an epidemic. Our 35 year old nephew, (David’s sister, Lydia’s son, Gabe, died this past December from a heroin overdose. He too, had struggled with this for years. It is so sad. She is the sister who just passed away a few weeks ago. Their family has been through a lot in such a short time.

    How is that cute little grand baby and the cute older one doing? Love, Deborah

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    1. Deborah,

      It is epidemic, and I’m so sorry to hear about Gabe. I think no family is untouched. We have a long way to go to figure addiction out.

      Our newest little one is in the UK meeting his cousins and aunts and uncles and visiting his grandparents. He’s a cutie and doing well. Of course, his American cousin is an adorable ball of fire.

      From the looks of things, you’re having a great time with your youngest.



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