Quotes and Reviews

“Brenda Jernigan has perfect pitch and a wildly original mind. This novel is compelling—a real page turner!”

Lee Smith,  Author of Fair and Tender Ladies

Ron Charles, Christian Science Monitor—“Jernigan has a wonderfully light sense of humor that never tries too hard. She’s willing to be sweet, and talented enough to avoid the saccharin….for readers who would enjoy a warm story about matters of the spirit and the heart…”

Library Journal—“Filled with endearing characters of quirky innocence, tender humor, and astonishing hope, Jernigan’s debut novel creates a world so inviting that the reader is reluctant to leave. Fans of Lorna Landvik and Billie Letts will feel as if they’ve come home.”

News and Observer—“It would be easy to describe Every Good & Perfect Gift in sentimental terms — heartwarming, poignant, sweet — for it is indeed all of these. But that would shortchange this first novel …which achieves such qualities without being cloying or emotionally self-indulgent. It is a touchingly honest, even spiritual, story marked by originality, quirky humor and finely tuned, almost ethereal prose.”

Booklist—“This is a delightful and gracefully written coming-of-age tale about three strong and resilient women: Maggie, her mother and her grandmother. (Or four, if you include God.)”

Boston Herald—Our hottest picks for summer reading

Publishers Weekly—“heartwarming”